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I bought a leather armrest in April 2013 at Parktown from Guy Shaldon, after a month or so he phoned for me to collect the armrest only to find its a cloth one and my car is a leather seats he was told there and then and he said we must bring the car for him to see and he told me that the car is not original leather seat , the original is a cloth then i told him to refund me if thats the case , now he's telling me he cant send the armrest back to Toyota after so long, and i never took the armrest with me it was always with them, meaning its still new, wrapped, so i want to understand whats wrong with him refunding me , he is an extremely rude human being i've ever come across, he shouldn't be dealing with clients , please help me


Unhappy Customer Susan

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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and what does this have to do with Toyota Financial??

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