I bought my new car back in 2011. The whole ordeal was quite pleasant. I was a young girl with no knowledge of the Motor Industry.. It wasn't until I started working here that I realised that I was completely Ripped off.. not the point I'm getting at.

About 12 Months ago I fell ill with Glandular Fever and could not work full time anymore. I left my job and started working part time.. It took a few months (and for me to lose all of my savings) to finally reach out for hardship (i took out the insurances so I should be able to use them). When I called, I was around $1800 in arrears and had explained my situation (I was not yet faving repo). When I explained how I was sick and unable to work full time and has sufficient medical evidence to prove this, I was called a LIAR. I was told that I was making up a story to get out of this situation.

I could not believe how a Human could treat another human this way.. I had had perfact and on time payments for a track record until this happened and now almost 12 months later I am still recovering from all of this financially.

I know I signed a contract.. But no where in the contract does it say anything about being treated like a feral animal!

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