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Paid off my account, gave them $8795, payoff turned out to be $4,673., called today and she told me the overage would be refunded in 60 days!!Are you kidding me is this even legal???!! How did they come up with 60 days.

I have learned I will research and read comments before financing with any lender outside of my area. Usually use my credit union but since this was a lease had no choice, after dealing with Toyota Financial Services, they are unprofessional, rude, and have the policy of "I don't care". They need to be investigated, they did so many things wrong on my account, it would take 2 pages to write. Someone check their greedy scamming books, is this what lenders have resorted to!

No wonder the government wants new regulations for financial institutions!

Stay with your local lender.

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I agree. I too have been dealing with them on a lease - WHICH I WILL NEVER DO AGAIN.

It's never ending and I can't get a straight answer from anyone. I will probably need to seek legal advice because I will not bend over and just take it........

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