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I signed up for auto pay through Toyota Financial. For the third time in a row I been charged exorbitant late fees. I keep attempting to cancel my account but for some reason (through no fault of my own) I cannot access my account on the Internet. The website has been down for maintenance on several occassions, now my computer just says it is unable to display the website. I have been told by Toyota that I am the only one who can cancel this acct, but since I can't access the website, I can't cancel the acct.

In the mean time, KA CHING $$$$$$$$$$ More late fees and returned check charges. This month I even called Toyota and paid my car payment by debit card, well in advance of the due date. The charge went through, but today I again received my late notice via email pertaining to my Internet auto pay acct.

This company is out of control. Quite a scam to charge good paying customers unwarranted and illegal late fees.

I should have bought American!

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Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States #936445

I am having the same issue, all of my information is online so I do not have my account number to pay on the phone. I am glad to see I am not the only one.


unfriendly, poor manager Lindsey ID # LAWILs4


Having the same exact problem with Toyota Owners website. I was lucky enough to get my complaint in after I was able to register on the site.

My issue is with the rusted frame replacement on their Tacomas. But that's a whole other story regarding Toyota making things right with their customers. Anyway, after I tried to log in again....Forget it. I get the *** error message from Explorer and get kicked off.

Funny how it's a random luck of the draw as to whether you can even access their site huh? Usually 99% of the time you can't.

This is ridiculous and pathetic at the same time. Suspicious as best and down right criminal at worst.


I have called an complained about toyota financial's website not allowing me to access. A warning pops up saying the internet exployer cannot access this page.

When I type in my username and password, it sends me to another page where I have to verify my password by giving my security answers. Then it says internet explorer cannot access the page and blocks me from it completely. At first, a toyota rep said it was my computer, but I signed on a work and it does the same thing. So I know it has something to do with their security authenticity.

This is the second time I have had a problem making a payment on the website. For almost 6 years, I never had any problems. Can someone please help!!! I told the second rep to report the security warning to toyota's IT department.

I don't think I will buy another toyota if I continue to have this issue.

This can bring consumer sales down!!! I am really pissed about no one listening!!!

Norton, Kansas, United States #198608

i dont have the issuse of late payments but each and everytime i go to the website i enter my name and the password and then the page goes blank and a error pops up and when i click ok it closes my whole window...


INTERESTING. I have been noticing they keep having "technical" issues randomly for i would say over a year now.

I have never seen any site so chronic like theirs. SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT SCAM TO PULL SOME EXTRA MONIES FROM CUSTOMERS DURING THIS RECESSION. The last time this happened, i contacted a local toyota delaership and she said she was getting a flood of calls from concerned customers complaining about the website too to make payments. So now i have incurred a LATE FEE plus i get charged $10 for that *** WESTERN UNION they use to draw our money out.

PEOPLE, please keep posting on here.

Let us know all your experience in the past and preset and future.......this is suspicious activity on Toytota's part. This may result in CLASS ACTION.


I am also signed up for auto pay and have had trouble logging onto my account. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have any problems either.


I have the same problem cant access their secure payment site . Had has 4 trouble tickest no one ever calols back .


i hope my payment went through!! eventhough it came out of my bank account.

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