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I bought the car 2009 toyota corolla from toyota dealership using toyota financial. june 09.

I got in accident and car got totalled. all the paper work is done except toyota financial service "letter of guarantee". they said it takes 7 to 10 days. well what about my credit?

they say i have to pay. well, why do i want to pay car has been totalled??? If toyota financial service process it faster on paper work then it wouldn't hurt my credit. they lost my two cent.

before it hurts my credit i went out bought KOREAN car HYUNDAI GENESIS. :) NEVER go back to toyota ever again.

they need to work on customer service even thought they are done with that customer. period

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Due to the economy my wife has lost her job and we are 2 weeks ( not two months) behind on our payment. Toyota Financial has called us 23 times in just the last week.

7 times yesterday and twice while I am writing this. You tell them the date you will make the one payment you are behind & the calls increase. You talk to another rep & tell them the same thing as you told two other reps and they all say we will make a note of the payment but they never do. This The customer service at TF is horrible to say the least.

This is only one issue we have had with them. IF YOU WANT A MISERABLE 4-5 years with a company then Toyota Financial is the place to go!


We financed two vehicles through Toyota Financial & have had to deal with them for 4 years now. There are too many serious issues to list here.

If there is anyone thinking about financing through TF, PLEASE do your homework.

This company is extremely sloopy, lack of intelligence & carrying from customer service to accounting. They will make your life miserable.


I totally agree with you on that one, they charged me like 80 something dollars for money i owe and then threatened me and told me i had to pay a day before my actually payment date was here


I bought a used car and was financed through Toyota Financial and my insurance company deemed my car a total loss in an accident claiming to be my fault. Anyhow, they messed up my credit by declaring it a repo because the car was totaled and still had a balance on it. The insurance company paid for the value of the car and now I have over $5k on a totaled car that they supposedly repossessed.

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