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I purchased a Toyota RAV4 two years ago.I paid an additional amount for replacement tire coverage.

At first I was glad I did. Bad tire, had to wait two months to be re-imbursed.

I have made all my payments online and way before they are due. They made an additional electronic funds transfer that was unauthorized. I spent four hours on the phone yesterday on hold and being hung up on.

I was not rude and did not yell. They deny taking out $484.79 even though I have proof from the bank they did. My account shows I need to make another payment.

Three payments for one month when you are not beyond is ludicrous.



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3 times I have had Toyota Financial claim that they have not received a payment that they did, even with proof from the bank it has now been a year and the problem is still not fixed on my credit report. i will NEVER buy another Toyota and hope that word will spread about the horrible customer service Toyota Financial gives.


I hear you, I am waiting to see if their errors show up on my credit report.Everytime I call in to ask about my record, I get a new story.

I don't think anyone of their customer service reps tells the truth. They hang up on you and tell you something different each time you call. I cannot trust them that they say they did not report me to the credit report agency, so I will have to wait and see if it shows up.

What a nightmare.It was all due to their own mistakes with my loan pay off.


Man I feel your pain...I was so angry at a mistake they made...which caused them to report me late 3 different time to credit agencies.I yelled at the poor woman on the phone...I had to fax written letter to them explaining it was their error...they fixed...finally shows up on credit report.

I was so blood was boiling!I hate their customer service...will NEVER FINANCE WITH THEM AGAIN.


behind not beyond

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