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In February of 2006 I purchased a used- 2004 Toyota Tacoma. My husband and I decided to make this purchase and decided to go with Toyotal Financial Services. This was a mistake I have not yet been able to correct.

Four months later, I was in the processes of divorce. The loan with TFS was in my name. The bills, in my name, the payments were made by me. But yet, they put my (now ex) husband's name on the registration. I called to get this changed, they said it could only be changed if something were to happen to him or I refinanced. At that same time, I found out that the truck which was only worth about 10,000 (if I were to refinance) had been financed for 23000!!!! I told them that this was a mistake, as my loan papers suggested a nice sum of only 14500. Come to find out, TFS had added LIFE INSURANCE and DISABILITY INSURANCE to my account as well as an EXTENDED WARRANTY which I had no knowledge of.

I tried to get them to remove these products from the account and they claimed they had no way to do that. They claimed that I was responsible for contacting these third-party companies to remove such items. I still do not know if they are off of my account despite my efforts.

As for making payments. My payments were on time until DECEMBER 2006. Mind you, this was after my beginnings of divorce with non-support and a child who needed a christmas. I only owed them 40 more dollars on my monthly payment for december. Instead of working with me they marred my credit and claimed I owed a double payment. They will conscientiously debit my bank account, but not credit my TFS account. I have had to deal with this numerous times. I almost have to call every month!

In other words, I have a truck that I can't refinance because of an out-rageous payoff. I can't sell it because my ex's name is attached. So I asked, "what are my options?" And they kindly told me "Well maam, you can surrender the vehicle back to the dealership." And of course this would still go on my credit as a repossession. So I kindly replied, "Then you can come and find it."

I would love nothing more than to see this company shut down. I would love nothing more to see them being reviewed by some higher-up than me. Because they are not customer oriented, they could care less.

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You must have a nice bank account unlike most of us living check to check. You need to realize that *** happens. I have been single and independent for many years. I had a full time job and paid all my bills on time.

Including my car payment. Then I began having health issues and lost my job because of it. Now I'm on disability and can't afford all my expenses. Rent, car, insurance, etc.

So now I'm in a position where I have no choice but to ask for help. Will TFS help their loyal customer who is on their 3rd Toyota? Doubtful. Just remember, life has roller coasters.

Sadly Big Corp doesn't give a hoot when *** happens.

Stop judging others. You don't know.


This comment is to Love Love Love TFS; You must be one of the fine customer service people at TFS; your comments are ranting and uninformed: Toyota as a company did not get money from our government they are a Foreign Owned Company doing business in the US; they get plenty of extra tax breaks from the US and help from their own Japanese government. There is something to be said for keeping your finances local most local banks did not get money from the government and are very solvent and well run.

just think how nice it would be to go to your local bank or credit union and talk with someone, instead of praying you get someone on the phone that is hundreds of miles away and knowing when you get someone there only goal is to get you off the phone. As far as TFS still having a triple rating and doing the best in the auto industry you need to recheck. Remember Hitler thought Germany was invincible too.

Your message has the tone and eloquence of a TFS customer service rep or manager;TFS is right and we dont care or admit if we are wrong. I am writing a letter to TFS CFO regarding the customer service I received while a customer there I have made sure I added your comments, I'm sure he will be very proud.


Toyota Financial is RIDICULOUS. I set up the automatic bill pay and was promised twice that the automatic billings would occur without an issue (I was traveling a lot and can't check every day to make sure the money was taken out).

Trusting them - BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER, they now claim that no promise was made and refuse to *** outrageous late fees.

This company is a piece of sh*t and I'll never lease another car from toyota again. I'm thinking of totaling my car and collecting gap insurance just so I can get out of their ***.


I paid off my 2009 FJ Cruiser on the 9th of March and made an overpayment due to an incorrect payoff quote (2K over). They have admitted this and have assured me that a payment will be sent for the total amount.

The has been 3 weeks tomorrow without payment. The customer service people keep giving me different answers as to when I should get my payment. The last one (yesterday) told me the check was printed on the 26th, but they have 10 days to mail it out to me. This is the definition of poor customer service.

BTW... I have never made any late payments and always pay at least 2 weeks early.


If you read all these comments regarding TFS, you will notice that ALL of complaints are about how the customer cannot pay their bill. And the customer is the one complaining?!?! Toyota should be ***' about you! Why the *** did you get the car anyways if you can't afford it? That's why Toyota Financial is a decent enough company to offer such a wonderful plan to get your *** out of "repo status" with payment extensions and payment plans.

If you hate it SOOO much then why don't you go to another car company like GMC or Chrysler? They are really good these days...having to ask for a "bail out" or possibly file for bankruptcy. Oh wait! Or how about finance through your bank....You know those financial institutions like Washington Mutual or Wachovia are doing just as bad as the "going under" car companys.

And if you are really doing your homework, you'd find that in this bad ecomony right now, that TFS is doing the BEST in the auto industry and still withholding their triple A ratings.



My wife and I have had it with Toyota Financial online services. We have faithfully made online payments each month from our account and TFS only returns them,did I mention with the funds availble.

We get another phone call or a threat letter of repo..I am going to sue them. We have done nothing wrong.

If someone from Toyota Financial is reading this,pay attention! You wonder why their profits are down more then 40%!

Pissed off TFS customers

Hull Mass


To getthefacts,

Things sometimes seem to happen between signing the paperwork and the first bill. Dealerships often make "mistakes" in processing the loans and hope you will not question the increased monthly amount.

Yes, you need to be careful at the dealership, but let's not pretend that nothing shady happens. You should getthefacts.

Tazewell, Virginia, United States #10757

Toyota Financial Services doesn't add the additional services to the loan. You do that at the you can't blame Toyota Financial Services for funding it.

Epsom, New Hampshire, United States #4859

Toyota finance sucks. They are shady, and have no remource.

They have no concept of what customer service is and they don't care about American collection law.

Complaints about them are very prolific all over the web. I'd talk to an attorney.

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