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Toyota Financial Services. Wonderful, yes they really don't try helping you once you get behind.

They will ask you why you are late but you tell them your hours were cut back they don't really care. I'm trying to figure out if they know you going through a bad spell, why they would want to repo the car, sell at auction and send you a bill with all the fees. They must make money on that too. They don't offer to refinance the loan which would make me current and keep making that would be too easy.

You would think at 14% interest rate they would want to keep the loan in place. They will sell you a car no problem (push,push, push). It's a shame as I do like Toyota's but will never buy a new or used one again after this. I had a VW Jetta financed through Credit Acceptance Corp which I though might be a bit shady but they did work with me when I got a bit behind.

Do not use Toyota Financial Services....they will nickel and dime you and you will end up paying more (late fees, charges to pay bill) etc.

They will come get my car and I will spend many years giving them a bad name as they are the worst.

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