tried to work a deal with toyota to ease payments after a divorce.asked if i could work with them,,told to write a letter an send it in.

wrote letter..

waited for approx 3 weeks called in to check on status...was told we do not respond to letters,,,even after they told me to write..asked for a manager...was refused more than once...and told managers dont talk to public...

tried several times..no luck...each customer service rep had another story of why they couldnt work with me....i never talked to a manager.i wasnt asking for the world just a liitle extra time...no help from toyota

i am not impressed with thier customer service..i would not recommend them to anyone for financial services

Monetary Loss: $31800.

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please contact me with the name of the head of toyota credit in canada. You can contact me at bcsaunders@nf.sympatico.ca


please send me tha name of whoever is in charge of toyota credit in canada. i wish to make a complaint about the poor service of toyota credit in canada


:? I have always paid my bill in a timely manner, and at least 90% of the time, I pay more than the regular amount. Usually the payment was posted in 2-5 days from mailing.

In November I sent payment two weeks early. Two weeks later, it had still not posted. I called and service was polite. Two weeks later, still nmo posting. "Oh, gee. The post office lost it." Maybe. I went on line and made a payment,being told that it would post immediately. I had to call to get assurance that the payment was being processed! "Yes, it is there." Two days later, no payment was posted.

I had to call in a third payment and had to agree to a $5 charge for the service to now protect my credit rating. Each step of the way I contacted customer service. A asked for my $5 back, considering the record of my calls, etc. I was told that the interest accrued over the period since my first mailed check five weeks earlier was small. I reponded' "Well, it sure did defeat the whole purpose of having mailed in a payment early." I got my $5 back three weeks later. BUT -

NOW the computer has tacked on $52 of interest,and the customer service rep says I had made no payment for 8 weeks prior to the phone call! The supervisor has not called back as I was told, and this last rep says one must wait days before getting a call back; and there is never supervision in the call offices when you call in, unlike at my work places.

There is no reason to do business with companies that don't recognise good customers. I will report this everywhere I can so we consumers know who appreciates us and who doesn't.


you can contact me at naeglemom82@yahoo.com :cry


maybe you can help me. We have our car loan through toyota financial.

last june they said they didnt recieve a payment from us. We payed with a money order. We payed to track down the money order and actually found out that not only did toyota financial recieve the payment but also cashed the money order and did not put it to our account. I have spent hours on the phone, i have faxed this paper to toyota over twenty times, ive talked to over fifty different ppl, and now they are saying that our car is going to go into default and they will come get it by the 19th if we dont pay for the amount, and also for a late payment on a payment that they already recieved.

What do i do? they keep saying they didnt recieve the fax. We fax our paperwork into work every day for the last six years and have never had a problem, and all of a sudden these ppl cant get the fax? This has ruined my husbands credit, it has caused me so much stress.

i was smoke free for three years until I had to start with this.

I just am at my wits end. What do i do?

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