Ona, West Virginia

having hard time and on unemployment trying to make my payments they call 6 times a day late at night 7 days a week going to start recording them and putting in the time and date.

do not finance with them they charge you interest everyday you are late and its outrages interest anyway.

i am only a few days behind and they never stop even when you tell them payment is in mail they have another rep. call you 6 times a day 7 days a week if i ever get this one paid for i will never buy another Toyota

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Not to be rude people but the "Anonymous" person who posted the original complaint.The interest is assessed per the contract you signed.

A "Simple Interest" loan is used in 85% of all auto loans with ANY lender.

So take the time to listen, understand, and learn from what the representatives are telling you, instead of flying off the handle.I did get a very nice representative who took the time to help me understand after I submitted my own complaint on this website.


Waaaaaahh I'm late and not paying my bill.(sob, sob) They call me during legal hours.

( sob, sob) you are just as dumb as the people who post invalid complaints.Fight for new laws not against meeting your financial responsibility.


this comment is to smarter than pissed@tfs;Your comments and tone are typical of TFS, your CEO must be proud; is that what your paid to do all day; get on the consumer web sites and harass already unhappy customers??? Be sure you get all the web sites there are many. Maybe you should get off the web and go to a customer service class.


your attorney may not be that good at what he does cause they may contact you 1 time a day, but they can call all day if you don't answer. wise up!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


BTW They are only allowed to call you once per day. Otherwise it is considered Harassment! I was told this by my Attorney and Toyota's Corp Office!


Here is a good # to call 703-561-7212 Corporate complaint fax# 310-468-3501


cont'd: DoES anybody have a number I can call

thats NOT the 1-800 toll free nb.> I'd be very



I'm trying to contact a HUMAN BEING at Toyota Financial, and all I get is an exasperating list of voice menu's that don't pertain to the subject I'm calling about.My payments for the past 2 and half years have been made by EFT from my long time checking account.

My checkbook was stolen from my home subsequent to a residential burglary and I had to close

the account. I need to get a hold of Toyota

and explain the situation.

My payments are quite current, but like I said, I'd just like to get a hold of a human being at Toyota Financial.:eek


camrygrl wise up and pay your bill. :grin


it is perfectly legal to call between those hours in fact they can call from 8am - 9pm.its federal law.

so don't complain about the company, complain about the laws.

also if you know they call then call them back so they don't have to call you again..its pretty simple.

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