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I had an unbelievable and totally ridiculous situation where our camry was repossessed, or stolen, on Jan 2 of this year at 2am...i stood in the driveway crying and explaining to this tow truck guy that there is no way we are behind, we are absolutely not up for repo and just paid almost 900$ on our account... I knew it was a mistake because we simply are not late...

He said he had had the job order for our car for over a month and that Toyota doesn't make that type of mistake so he had to take it...But assured me I could get it back by "talking to Toyota and catching up on the amount we are behind".. I gave him the keys and his wife drove it away as he proceeded to tear up my yard and driveway spinning the wheels on the truck trying to get out... But anyway... My husband was to return to work after the new year's holiday off but wasn't able to go in and because of the holiday, this was a required day, no exceptions and he lost his job.

He got fired for not being at work and because a vehicle was a requirement of the job. Explain to his boss didn't help. The next day Toyota called my house and apologized profusely, said there had been an awful mistake and it was their Clerical error so they would be returning the car shortly.... More than 12 hours later, they finally brought it back.

Our payment was due 5 days later and we had lost our forward to the first week of January. My husband starts a new job and things are looking up so he calls to explain that we will make a payment in 3 weeks when he gets his first full check and they seem OK with that.. Our payment was due again February 8th which was just a week ago, and we will be getting that first check this coming Friday.. On Feb 9th they started calling multiple times a day as tho they dont already know the situation and when we talked to them today we were told to pay over 800$ before they closed or they'd be picking it up and there was no other options..

They said the repo was already approved and it's all of the past due amount immediately or nothing at all. We are only in this position because of their Clerical error. I'm not positive but we probably could have sued them and won considering the fact that they called us back to say they made the mistake without us contacting them at all. We had not yet spoken to them about it....

That is clearly an admission of their fault which means the job loss is also their fault since it's a direct result of not having transportation to work when he should have had our car .. I'm worried sick that they will take it again and we will lose this job as well. We are truly 2 payments behind now so they wouldn't have to give it back..

I have no idea what to do.. But I'm considering taking legal action.

Review about: Toyota Financial Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: We need an extension and renegotiation of terms immediately .

I liked: I love my car.

I didn't like: Mistaken repo caused job loss.

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