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A 30 year military veteran and 12 year Toyota owner, I planned to purchase another when my current Toyota needed replacement. I can tell you that will not happen!

I paid off my loan with a excellent history, they sent me the title (see Attached for Title), dated Nov 2016. Then they sent me another bill for $300. I disputed it saying they were incorrect and I wished to dispute the additional payment, they continued to harass me with phone calls about the additional payment. They filed a 30, 60 & 90 day late notice on my credit report, all after I had been issued the title (see attached for Credit report).

This lowered my credit score by over 100 points. All of this was over a single payment of $300 that was in dispute, and after I had a good payment history for 6 years for a total of over $20,000. I finally paid the payment just to get them to stop the harassment, but what really frustrates me the most is that I was a loyal customer and long time advocate of Toyotas and I was treated like this over a single payment that was in dispute. I filed a complaint via Toyotas customer service department, and another via the Credit Agency's Experian, & Equifax.

They have taken no action other than to comment via letter, we looked at your file and have found it to be accurate. I called the individual dealership where I purchased my Toyota and they told me they couldn't do anything as they all just work for Toyota.

Toyota could care less about a long time customer and obviously doesn't care about repeat business. Jo Driscole

Product or Service Mentioned: Toyota Financial Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: I want them to remove the negative credit reports on my credit history at Zero Cost to them.

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Being a veteran has NOTHING to do with this! Don't play that card!

What did they say was the reason for the $300? Why did you allow it to go at least 30 days before resolution? If you were so concerned about your credit score, why did it go on so long before you paid it?

I suspect there's more to this than you are willing to write about. Anytime somebody starts of their complaining by using one of the sympathy cards, one can expect, there's a lot not being said.

to Anonymous #1602567

U sound like a *** *** who works for toyota.

to Ryan #1604484

Ryan, Anonymous most likely works for a subcontractor for Toyota hired to deal with sites which bash major corporations via sites such as this one. People on these sites such as the individual who posted this review of Toyota are referred to as individual 'actors' by these threat assessment companies and are considered threats because of the power of the internet and social media.

These subcontractors I refer to are not marketing or social media companies instead they operate under whats called a 'TAS' protocol, which stands for Threat -Assessment- Solution. They treat angry customers as 'enemy combatants' so to speak.

Many employees of these aforementioned companies are ex-military and or Intelligence. They are well paid for their efforts

to Avenging Angel #1619468

You don't have the slightest clue of what you're talking about. However, it was indeed fun reading, you and the other low IQ whiner!

I had lots of laughs!

Stupidity is alive and very, very well. Thanks for proving it!


Buy American!!

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