Toyota Financial has been calling me for a year looking for a Landscaping company. every time i tell them to please remove my phone number from that account.

The last 5 times I asked for a supervisor whom every time promised my number would be removed from that account but yet they continue to call me. I have never had an account with Toyota. I keep telling them I am not the landscaping company they are looking for. They keep asking me if I had just got this phone number.

I tell them every time "yeah just recently - about ten years ago". They won't even tell me where they are calling from so that I can send them a written certified letter to get them to stop harassing me. I called them and told them to stop calling me and to call the proper number for whom they are looking for. It took me 30 seconds to google up the landscaping company and found out that the landscaping company had the same number except for 1 digit was 1 number different.

I gave them the number that they apparently could not find to call and it took me 30 seconds to find it.

they have been wasting their time calling me for a year. How *** is that?

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