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I reeently bought out a lease i had on my seanna van. i contacted setf to find the amount, wrote the check and sent it to setf.

A few day later I got a packet for addional info. I filled these out an sent them on 12/2/2010. I thought this could'nt take more than a week, I am now told that it will probalbly be in the first week of January before this is done.

This is unacceptable for a transacton to tak this long. TOYATA needs to step up and findout what i happening.

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I am currently in the process of trying to obtain my title from TFS (Toyota Financial Services). This process is less than accommodating to the customer. They do not notify you of any steps with the process by mail or email. once they do send out your title, its sent "regular mail" with no tracking information.

I find this to be extremely irresponsible on Toyota's part, considering the value of the vehicle title.

If you are considering finance through Toyota, I would not recommend it. Go through a local bank/credit union. the time will come when you want to sell your vehicle and if you have a anxious buyer lined up as I do, TFS Payoff/ Title Process could cost you the sell.


My girlfriend purchased a vehicle and fell behind on payments and was constantly harassed.Paid the vehicle off 4/19/10 but did not get her title for 2 months after constantly calling and calling Toyota Financial.

Now she wants to sell it and has a buyer and has realized that she never got an lien release from toyota financial. Hs been trying every customer service number and its telling her she isn't a customer and tells her that its connecting her to a representative and the voice automated service comes back on and tells her no one is available and hangs up. Why this is acceptable in any business especially one who is as big as Toyota financial is baffling.

Get some people in there who know what their doing.Take other peoples time and life into regard.

Tega Cay, South Carolina, United States #231285

I work for Southeast Toyota Finance and would be happy to investigate your issue.

Please feel free to call me at the number below, enter your account number, and opt out to a representative.

They will be able to directly transfer you to my extension.

Terry Kaufman, Southeast Toyota Finance - (800) 686-3494

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