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For the Payment

Could you help for during the Covid 19 with the payment please thank you

1 answer
If they (Toyota) helped back then, you may want to do an annual credit check. They let me defer a payment, which I’ve since satisfied. But I did a credit check and noticed they’ve put my account as a failure to pay for 180+ days. My fico score is now extremely low. I’d never have asked for the help if I’d known. I’m appealing to the attorney general’s office.

If my car was repossessed am I able to get it back or no?

MarQuita T Whe

My car was repossessed last week and they told me if I wanted to get it back that I had to pay $3000 in which I didn’t have that type of money due to I just moved into my apartment on the 21st of this month. The car was picked up last Monday.

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Online payment made plus recurring payment went thru

Tabatha G Sya

I made a online payment and there was a recurring payment made-- there a way To stop it? The scd one

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Why hasn’t my account status or credit reports updated in the last few months

Stacie W Kkj

To Whom It May Concern, I was previously behind on my payments bur have been caught up or head of schedule for at least 3 months. There is a payment restriction placed on my amount when I try to pay through the app and my credit reports all show no reporting for the last 3 months.

I would like my account status and credit reports updated to show current please. Thank You, Stacie Wanner (Rhoton)

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fax # to request a Release of Lien


I am with BMW of San Antonio requesting a Release of Lien for one of our mutual customer's trade in vehicles. I have the information you requested to request the ROL, but I didn't get the fax # from the Representative.

Can you please provide me with that? Thank you

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