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On 12/27/17 I sent a rqst for a state-to-state title transfer to register my leased 2017 Toyota in my new state of residence. I received a letter a few weeks later informing me of the paperwork I needed to provide them.

I called in to let them know that I had faxed this paperwork, as recommended by one of the financial services customer services reps, a few weeks prior.I was told they had received the fax and I could disregard the letter requesting that paperwork. From that point on I have spent no less than 50 hours calling in to check on the status of my case. As time went on I was only met with hostility and lack of desire to help me. I was clearly stonewalled by financial services and repeatedly was told that action was being taken when in fact it was not.It wasn't until May 8, 2018 that I finally had it and made enough of a stink to get connected with a supervisor.

That day I spoke w/ a supervisor who informed me he would be sending my title overnight to the Oregon DMV. I called the DMV and was told it takes a few weeks to process once they receive it, so I waited. When I finally called the DMV for a status check a few weeks later I was shocked to hear that my title had never arrived. Again, I called Toyota Financial Services and started on the path, again, to trying to get this matter taken care of so that I could register my car, like I am supposed to do, in the state I live in.

This went on 3 or so more times until I was connected to the escalation department In between these instances I do want to note that I was ticketed while parked for having a non-registered vehicle. Anyways, when I was finally connected to the escalations department I was told that this was the first time the escalation department had been alerted to my issue, despite my prior requests that I be connected to them. My first point of contact there, another person named Michael told me that their protocol is to get cases like mine connected to escalatios after the customers 2nd call. I am guessing I called in 20-30 times before I was escalated.

I can only assume that this is because Toyota only trains their employees to mask problems, not solve problems. I think about it, and over these 5+ months not a single person reached out to me. I still wasn't getting far but I finally felt like I was making a tiny amount of progress. It was after my call with the that I spoke with the escalations department that I was connected to Claudia, also in the escalations department, who let me know that part of the problem was that Oregon, my state of residence, wants all paperwork sent to them to be the original copy.

She said it appeared that my case had been sitting on someones desk for the last few months waiting for me to send in the original copies. They cited that letter from January 2018 as their notice to me that they needed it. The same letter I called in to ask about and was told no more information was necessary. I understand that not every single transfer technique is known by everyone, but I am very alarmed that not once did I receive a call for them to check up, and even with my persistent efforts, the right information was never relayed.

Imagine if I had never called to check in? This to me is purely unacceptable for ANY company. Ill-functioning is what runs through my mind because what this means is that nobody thought to take action on a pending case, either there is no system in place to keep track of the time requests have been waiting or there is no regard to each case in their hand. I am going with the second option because even when the errors were acknowledged nobody acted with urgency to fix it.

In fact, this is the most ill-functioning company I have EVER encountered. In retrospect, it took me longer than I would like to admit to get angry with them, but when I did that is when some action start to happen. I feel bad for the customer service agents who are stuck trying to do anything but help people, who are trained to not be helpful and who likely suffer the wrath of the angry customer on a non-stop basis. Simultaneously, I am also amazed by how horrific this company is.

There were so many excuses were used, even the benign, but humorous, excuse that they don't know how to do a title transfer from CA to Oregon. I'm sorry, but with Californians moving to Oregon in troves, I can guarantee that I am definitely am not the only one in this boat. It is hard to me to believe that a company as big as Toyota should have more respect and care for their customers. It is simply not acceptable how little regard they exhibit.

It is not only the lack of regard that gets me though, it is the lack of ease and capabilities that are provided. For example, even after I was given extensions to who I was working with, each time I called in I had to repeat the same story, I was kept from speaking to the people who knew what was going on with my case over and over and over, and was often spoken to by a customer service agent who was messaging the people who were refusing to talk to me because they were "too busy". I'm sorry but if you have time to type it and go through a 3rd party with no knowledge of this case then you have time to take a call and briefly give an update. This is how I spent my lunch hour today and what I've been doing a few times a month for the last 7 months.

I've been repeating my story and fighting through the ropes to get connected to the people who might have answers to me. Many times they have successfully stonewalled me until I'm forced to hang up when my lunch is over. That, or they return my call during the times I've told them I CANNOT answer. But hey, who is counting?

Anyways, I could go on and on, after all this has only been the last 7 months of my life, ut to sum it up, while my title was finally sent to the Oregon DMV at the end of June, my car is still unregistered because the DMV has their own process it needs to get through.

I am so frustrated that I have been spending money to lease a car that I am not supposed to be driving, that this large corporation that should function well, can't even offer me an apology, solution, reparation or any kind of acknowledgement that this process was severely messed up. I expected so much more as a Toyota Customer and I do not think I should have had had to fight this hard to get my car registered.I warn everyone out that that this is how they function, I am not alone and I ask you to please, please reconsider getting involved with Toyota Financial Services, I sure wish I did.

Reason of review: Bad quality customer service; Processing issues; Defective Product; Complaint Management; Escalations Department. All of it sucked..

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Vehicle, People that leased me my car at toyota of santa cruz.

I didn't like: Never felt valued toyota, Are useless and need to be trained to do business, Customer service, Way they respond to problems, Lack of action.

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