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I have been a loyal customer of Toyota for a long time and have bought 6 cars from the same Toyota dealer within 15-20 years.We have been a Toyota family but never again.

All of our cars have been financed through their financial services "Toyota Financial Services". I HATE THEM FOREVER. All they have done for me is just harassed me and ripped me off for just being late in payments. They have called me day and night, even past 9pm on weekdays and all weekend.

There is a Law that prohibits collectors to call consumers past 9pm and on weekends but that never stopped Toyota Financial Services. I had been laid off from work because of the financial crisis we are facing right now. I was late on my car payments for only 2-3 months. I was late before but I paid those payments with late payment fees, which they charge as they please.

I had called them back recently saying that I have a new job now and I will make those late payments and asked them to just give me a one week time until I get my first paycheck. I also asked them to stop calling me with their harassment calls. The next I know, I had a Repo Agent at my door in 2 days to pick-up my car. The only option he gave me was to either pay-off the 3 late payments (almost $1500) or he would tow away my car.

This is how TOYOTA FINANCIAL SERVICES treats their loyal customers for being honest. So, I borrow money from a friend and payoff ($1500) to bring my account to current status. The only way they would accept payment would be through 'Western Union', so I had to pay another $13 for their fee. So I did that.

Then I call them to give my Western Union confirmation# to make sure that they received it and to confirm that my account is in 'current status. First I spent more then 15 mins talking to a rep who would not give me her name at all not even first name with an ID. She was very rude and would not co-operate with me and then I asked to talk to her Manager who was even more rude and again would not provide his name and ID for my records. Mind you that anytime we call them, the first thing they do is they verify all of my info and record my call and they don't want to give me any details as to whom I talked to over the phone after making my payments.

We have right as consumers to have their information as to whom with talked to for our own records but they would not give me that at all. Total B.S. here. Folks, Toyota has no respect for their loyal customers, they have no sense of customer service and honesty does not exist for them.

They are a TOTAL rip-off and I would stay away from TOYOTA now and forever.

I will never by TOYOTA cars as long as I live.It's time to file a lawsuit.....

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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You serial, habitual deadbeats just don't have the mental capacity to figure out something extremely elementary. Bill collectors NEVER call people who pay their bills on time. Therefore...if you don't want bill collectors to call you...PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME!


I have been behind 2 months before and they will work with you


YOU failed to make on time payments and they did a lawful repo.No mystery here.

They are not bound by the FDCPA or whatever you deadbeats try to dredge up because that Act does not apply to first party collectors. I love the laughs you deadbeats give us responsible people when you think you are legal experts when in fact, it is very obvious you haven't a clue what you're talking about!

Thanks for the laughs, I needed it.No, I don't work for them!

NO VALID COMPLAINT HERE...Just a deadbeat who thinks they are a legal expert whining about the consequences they brought upon themselves...a page right out of the deadbeat handbook!

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #1291741

That why I did pay my 1500 I know they go do same to me I had 5 month left on lease.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #1259595

yes their head company should look in to this before they have a lawsuit hit there company.toyota financial is rip customer off.

In do time they will be stop.

to Anonymous #1395339

The ripoff is sorry whining, wailing habitual deadbeats who do not pay their bills on time!


U all r very rude we all have things that come up and I don't expect u all to understand because U all seem to want to hang up on people so in other words U all r not helpful once I get rid of my cars I am done with Toyota and I will be getting an attorney and I do pay my bills and I do read everything on the contract so therefore U will probably be seeing me on the news about this

to Anonymous #1396625

It would be better to see you in a classroom with second graders. If you read what they write, you'll see punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure...NOT one long continual run-on sentence!

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1127186

yep I am very upset with Toyota financial the women on the phone almost hung up on me it got very intense because 5 people before have know of the situation I am in, and they refuse to help or anything I'm so done with toyota I am going to sell my Tacoma 2016 and my corolla 2015 I want nothing to do with Toyota at all!!!! I cant even get a phone number for the CEO.


Same thing with me I just tried to make a payment treated me like a dead beat and told me to go to western union in which I advised them I'm recently disabled and couldn't drive let along leave my house they told me they will not take payment via debit card or check and was extremely disrespectful and unprofessional

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