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Toyota financial in dispute for 2 yrs after returning a vehicle within amount of time from dealership I have a negative report stating I owe the cost of vehicle returned. They have ruined my credit and any chance of my establishing credit or moving on with my life it is dispicable and unethical finance practice.

I will never own a toyota and will never pay what they seek.

WAY TO GO TOYOTA !!!!! you ruined another life you should be proud of yourselves how dare you praise yourself and tell people how trust worthy you all are honestly how do you sleep at night?

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Bridgewater Township, New Jersey, United States #1283603

I would never lease another vehicle from Toyota again.

Berkeley, California, United States #834248

I'm sorry TFS tortured you with this. Here's one way to look at it: It's only CREDIT.

And your credit rating can be repaired. THis would be a situation where you could provide an explanation. I say, it's only credit. Not a character flaw.

EF them!!!!

And, I too, will never buy another Toyota. Owned one, leased the other, and they are CROOKS. I asked for a rep at lease return. Nope, we don't do that.

Car sat at dealer for almost 5 days---before TFS called to ask where my car was. Told them, 'hey, it was returned'. Imagine that! BOGUS charges!

WOn't pay them.

Ruin my credit, I say, at least I have my health. Can always repair the credit.


Toyota Financial Services are the worst around. I paid 16k for my 2003 jeep liberty sport over 6 years,now they want a 2k interest payment or they will repo our jeep.

Really Toyota??


If you do a search on complaints against Toyota Financial Services,you will find 100's of complaints. Do not do biz with these jokers.



PS- love my tacoma



PS- love my tacoma


I made the biggest mistake to lease a car with Toyota Financial Services, I just finished paying the FIVE year lease never late never missed a payment and they run my credit and want to charge me $10,600.00 more on interest to loan me $10,700.00 do to my credit. They don't care if you have great history with them all they wan't is to make their money...


Did the same thing to me; I had A+ credit; I paid for a 27,000 car on time, every month for 4 years.I had a rough 2 month period where I did infact, still make attempts to pay.....They repossesed my car, anyway, refused to take my payments, still dropped my credit score down over 200 points, charging me over 14,000 dollars, while they will sell my car, for 18,000 or more, making double the money.....ONLY due to them, I went from A+ to not able to rate getting a 6,000 dollar car...........real "fair" way to have a relationship......Also, with the way this economy is, talk about taking full advantage of making bank on biting the hand that helped feed you............I too, irreguardless, will never buy from them again ever.........Buying from is like contracting herpes


Toyota! Toyota!!

Toyota!!! . all is game. my advise to the new people with good credit is to get their loan from other place and pay toyota.

They are always looking for the slightest chance to destroy life and peoples' credit. NEVER in my life again.


well,i had only one credit default of $470,i have being honest and told toyota of the existance of this..they anyway ,regardless of their policies that the knew,make a request on my credit file for a loan of $15000..as predicted they refused the credit but now it show on my file that they tried..and actualy,they damaged my credit history further more..when do toyota gonna have a brain and stop hurting consumers??i will never go back to toyota ever again,they broke my trust,my feelings,and pride..oh what a feeling isnt it?

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