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I reached out to Toyota Financial and ask for a 2 month deferment. I had a house fire and lost everything.

I fell behind on my payments and called to sort out the situation. They told me to try and make an extra payment and my regular payment and they would help get me the deferment. I made the two payments and called back. They asked me all my information and I was put on hold.

They then asked me why I was late on payments and I told them because of a house fire and that I had lost everything. They said oh, hold on let me get a manager to review it. They put me on a brief hold and came back and said sorry it was not approved at this time. I asked why they said we can not tell you that and that the account would be reviewed every month.

I did everything in my power to get the money and did and then to be told nope we cant help was outrageous. They did not even say sorry about the house fire all they said was oh.

They claim to help people and all well they don't. This is one sorry excuse for customer service.

This reviewer shared experience about "no help with deferment issue" and wants this business to "help me get the deferment for the two payments" as the author lost $1212. The author is overall dissatisfied with Toyota Financial. The most disappointing about a product or service from Toyota Financial was customer service and the manner they handled the situation Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Auburndale, Florida, United States #1266349

Where in your contract does it say their job is to help you pay your bills? Please point that out to all of us!

Bottom line is they aren't a charity, your mother, your financial advisor or your clergyman. They did their job by funding your purchase.

As per the AGREEMENT, your part is to make your payments on time, every time. Those are the cold hard facts of life and no, I don't work for them.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1272500

All lending companies do have flexibility. PLEASE do not place ignorant comments LIKE Where in the contract.......

NO contract will ever have that PLUS the question and comment referred to ability to work with the hardship WHICH many will fall into.

Those are TRUE FACTS of life of MOST Americans.. I am A financial consulting manager for over 20 years with 3 different major national companies those are FACTS.

to Jesse No Hide Fuentes #1281330

WRONG! All lenders do not offer "flexibility"!

Some will and some won't. It is NOT contract stip. It is not optional to make payments whenever you want.

The lender is not the deadbeat's financial advisor, mother, pastor or friend. The deadbeat's definition of "work with me" is the whining deadbeat wants to make their payment when they want not when contracted.

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