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I reached out to Toyota Financial and ask for a 2 month deferment. I had a house fire and lost everything. I fell behind on my payments and called to sort out the situation. They told me to try and make an extra payment and my regular payment and they would help get me the deferment. I made the two payments and called back. They asked me all my information and I was put on hold. They then asked me why I was late on payments and I told them... Read more

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I reached out to them a few times and ask for an extension on my loan and they keep telling me that I don't qualify for an extension so, I ask WHY and no one could give an reason why I don't qualify. I need some help on understand if a person is in a financial situation and is reaching out to their finance company that they had for two years and never had been late on his or hers payment then they should try and assist instea of calling every... Read more

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PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS, IT WILL TRULY HELP YOU. Toyota is full of ***, it's garbage. These *** stole my *** car right in front of my house at 2:00 A.M.! 75% of my car's loan is paid off, never had a late payment, and the one time I do, they have the audacity to come and STEAL my *** car! No call of warning, no negotiation. I'm a very consistent customer and I expected them to... Read more

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Don't lease from them! The dealer will tell you one thing then the real boss Toyota Financial charges you what they want. Don't bother calling to complain because they will tell you "That's our policy sir" Just start putting a few thousand $$$ in a separate account the day you start your lease cause to get out of it your gonna have to pay! Call wait times to get info/discuss literally over 2 hours some days. Consumers are just chumps to squeeze... Read more

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Dealing with this company is an experience you never want to have. They put you on hold forever and I beiieve they are hoping you will go away. They said I was late with a payment so I paid over the phone. I went to my bank to follow up and the check had already been paid so I stoped the phone payment. As a result I got a letter from WESTERN UNION that I was remiss in my payment to toyota financial. I have since faxed then TWICE a copy of the... Read more

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I paid my payment before it was due and got a late charge

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My advice would be to use a different financier. Toyota financial has zero tolerance for their financially-challenged customers, and they harass you w/zillions of phone calls if u r late. They are all nice and ready to give you anything you want in your contract, then when things go wrong in your life, their customer service skills go right,out the window. If you lose your job, They have NO deferred payment options, refuse to help you or take... Read more

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For the 2nd time Toyota Financial Services, has mis-routed our lease payment to our retail acct. Sept. 2015, June 2016. We received a notice of late payment & consequences. We had to sit through a 25 minutes on hold phone call to get this rectified in both cases. The entire time the representatives/ Managers address you as if WE caused the problem, even though we are using the correct address & the Toyota Acct. # in on every cheque. We have been... Read more

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Had to call over six time and each time I had to wait over 30 mins to get ahold of someone. Each time they told us something else and gave us a new number. Their people are rude and do not help, they would rather pass u off. We needed a paper allowing us to ship our car because my husband is in the service and we are moving and they made this a nightmare. One guy said we couldn't bc they don't have repos in Hawaii! Are u *** kidding me, I have... Read more

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Called today to deffer 1 payment after paying on this car for over a year. My daughter graduated high school in May and now joined the Navy. I was gonna take her on a little vacation before she left for boot camp. Waited on hold for 25 minutes and finally got to speak with someone. I told them the reason and they come back saying nope. I have never dealt with this company before and I have to say I will never deal with them again. I am in the... Read more

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